About Us


We have your IT support covered.

WrightClick Consulting provides clients with outsourced IT support, & digital marketing, products, services and solutions. Our mission is to make the same technologies that are used in large corporations affordable and manageable for small to midsize companies.

Your dedicated IT Manager devotes the time required to gain a deep understanding of your business needs and goals.


We align your IT management with your actual business goals. Reviews such as business IT planning, budgeting, and security are conducted regularly as part of our value-adding services for your business.


Outsource some or even all your IT, and get all of the benefits an internal IT department for a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself. We also accommodate all types of budgets so it’s perfect for growing medium-sized enterprises.


Our reach has no boundaries. From single to multiple locations, with local or remote users our team will work with you at your location to accommodate all of your IT needs. Remote help desk support is always available.

Why Does My Business Need an MSP?

One question consistently asked by our clients is, “Why should we use your Managed Services?”  Many of these clients perceive that it would be better and more cost effective for them just to contact us as their technology issues arise.  It is a common misconception that having their technology under a Managed Services agreement is like insurance and that they would be paying for something they may or may not use.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Businesses need technology to operate efficiently and effectively.  In many small businesses, IT resources are limited and can be quickly overwhelmed.  If you fall behind in keeping up with things such as backups, patches, security, etc., the odds greatly increase that you’ll face an IT outage or other technology problem further down the road that will negatively impact your business.

Don’t wait, start expanding your business with WrightClick Consulting!

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